We help you understand your data

Second Look Analytics offers consulting services and training in data visualization and reporting. We work with your organization and your technology stack to help you monitor your operations, gain insights from your data, and make better informed decisions. With over 10 years of experience in every stage of the data pipeline, from collection and storage to processing, analysis, visualization, and communication, our group can address your data problems and improve your processes.


Operational Reporting

Unleash the potential of your operational data with our customized reporting solutions. Gain insights into your day‑to‑day activities, enabling informed decision‑making and improved efficiency.

Data Integrations

Seamlessly connect your enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, operational software, and business intelligence platforms.

Company Intranet

Transform your company intranet into a dynamic data communications hub. Our expert design services enhance accessibility, data sharing, and collaboration among your teams, fostering a culture of data‑driven decision‑making.

Data Visualization

See the story behind your data with our compelling data visualization services. We turn complex datasets into interactive and visually appealing graphics, making it easier for your team to comprehend trends, patterns, and key insights.

Data Collection

Streamline your data collection with customized applications that ensure accuracy, reliability, and completeness, while designed to be user‑friendly for your business users and customers.

Maps / GIS

Navigate the spatial dimension of your data with our GIS services. Whether it's optimizing logistics, analyzing market demographics, or visualizing location-based data, our GIS solutions empower you to understand and interpret geographic data effectively.

We’d love to hear from you about your project and answer any questions you might have. Email us at dee@secondlookanalytics.com or schedule a free, introductory call here: https://calendarhero.to/calldee4